LUSVARDI is a recently formed company that combines the family farm (7 ha. of which 3.5 ha. are planted with Lambrusco vines) and my and my husband Andrea's passion for wine with the goal of emphasizing through the finished product the characteristics of the territory to which it belongs and of the proprietary grape varieties as interpreted by us. We proudly work only native grape varieties, Lambrusco Salamino and Lambrusco Grasparossa, because they carry incredible charm in their place of evolution, to produce elegant and stylish wines.


FOLLOW ME/SEGUIMI is our vision, our business philosophy, which is found in every stage of production of our wines: we follow nature and the evolution it generates in the grapes, transforming them into a wine without corrections and forcing, without boring continuity but rather with intriguing expressive variations of our land. In line with this philosophy, since 2011 we have begun the conversion of the Podere il Serraglio vineyard to organic cultivation, valuing biodiversity and respecting the land. Using a very natural agronomic approach we have always safeguarded our vines without the use of pesticides and synthetic products, enhancing the raw material and the characteristics of the terroir. Since 2014, all of the company's production has been certified IT BIO 006 - H2594



Organic fertilization, soil aeration, controlled complete grassing, renewed shoot pruning with reduced bud load, continuous observation and patience: organic management has allowed us to arrive at an important qualitative result in recent years, with productions that are the fruit of a mature and balanced vineyard, which has left behind the exuberance of youth, finding new life in a management that respects the physiology of the plant.

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