Brescello-Luzzara route - 23.9 km

This route fits on the famous Eurovelo 8 and Po River Ciclovia routes, and also on the VenTo (Venice-Turin) project route. It follows the course of the river and, crossing the floodplains, connects the five municipalities bordering the Po: Luzzara, Guastalla, Gualtieri, Boretto and Brescello.

The bike path starts in Brescello, passes through the towns of Boretto, Gualtieri, Guastalla and winds through the plains among small and large towns with ancient traditions and unparalleled gastronomy.

If Brescello is known for having hosted the films of the Guaresque characters Don Camillo and Peppone, to whom the Museum is dedicated, Boretto boasts one of the best-equipped ports for recreational boating and river navigation while Guastalla retains, more than any other, the hallmark of the small capital city. Then there is Gualtieri with its majestic Bentivoglio Square and the Museum dedicated to the illustrious citizen Antonio Ligabue, and Luzzara, the birthplace of Zavattini, home of naive painters with its National Museum of Naive Arts, with its typical Po Valley atmosphere where poplar groves and floodplains alternate.
In this stretch, the Great River characterizes with its slow course the people and places, the sandpits and crops, wisely irrigated since ancient times, that feed on the fertile gift of its waters.


Guastalla-Boretto route - 18.3 km

Along the banks of the great Po River, it is possible to ride about 11 km of paved bicycle path that runs from Boretto to Guastalla, passing through the right bank of the Po with its wonderful landscapes and views of the great river, among natural forests and poplar groves, far from city traffic and pollution, fully enjoying the call of nature.
Start at Piazzale Ragazzi del Po in Guastalla, where there is a large parking lot from which the bike path leading to Lido Po starts.
Walking down Via Lido Po, one arrives at the Lido Po in Guastalla where the old concrete artifact from which the pontoon bridge that crossed the Po River departed is still visible.
Continuing to the left, going toward the source of the Po, cross the wooden bridge at the mouth of the Crostolo stream.
When you arrive in the square in Gualtieri, take the road leading into the village until you reach the bicycle path about halfway down the avenue. Alternatively, follow the canal entering the Po by dirt road to the Old Port Road and then resume the bicycle path.
At the junction with the Old Port Road you can see the large, recently restored internees' island; it is possible to bike around its perimeter but the section is unpaved!
Follow the bicycle path that runs alongside the road to the Pieve Saliceto-Boretto river port.
Return to the riverbank and follow the track to Lido di Boretto.
Arrival at Lido Po in Boretto.


Guastalla-Luzzara route - 2 km

The Po bike path connecting the municipalities of Guastalla and Luzzara is over 2 km long and 3 meters wide, and was built on the floodplain embankment of the Bacchi belt from Viale Po in Guastalla to Via Fogarino Martinelli in the municipality of Luzzara. It represents an important part of the system of bicycle paths of municipal interest because from the Lido Po area of Guastallese, through the new bicycle path that runs alongside the sand and clay quarries, it is possible to bike or walk through much of the floodplain area in the silence of the countryside.


Through a series of bicycle routes immersed in the countryside of the Bassa Reggiana, it is also possible to reach and visit the towns of Novellara, Poviglio and Reggiolo. Directly from the route is the excavations of the Terramara Santa Rosa in Poviglio and the Valleys between Reggiolo and Novellara, an area where the Reggiana watermelon is grown and produced.

Guastalla-Novellara - 22.6 km

Guastalla-Poviglio - 17.4 km

Guastalla-Reggiolo - 18.3 km

Boretto-Poviglio - 11.9 km

Brescello-Poviglio - 14.6 km

Luzzara-Reggiolo - 16.3 km

Luzzara-Novellara - 20.7 km

Other routes outside the province

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